BELL | Cooking Class Host in Aichi

"Hello, My name is Bell. I can speak English, a little French and Italian. I have travelled to over 26 countries. I like long stay travel. When I was in France, I had the experience of making sushi for parties and events. In addition, my main business is handmade artists who make Japanese accessories and interiors. So, after the cooking class, you can optionally experience making handmade accessories of Japanese origami cranes if you want. I'm not good at English but I will welcome you with great hospitality. ✤Please contact us for reservations for two or more people. ✤I will give you my original recipe for every lesson. ✤If you can't eat them all, you can take them home. Please purchase a to go bag. ✤Please feel free to contact us even if there is no space in the schedule. 【Our location】 ※ It takes 15 minutes from Nagoya Castle station by Train. ※ It takes 20 minutes for Jiburi Park by car ※ It takes 13 minutes by train to Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens representative tourist attraction in Nagoya. I have a car, so I will pick you up at Sabway Meijo line Chayagasaka Station. My car seats 4 people, so I can carry up to 3 guests. Please leave large luggage such as suitcases in coin lockers at the station. Would you like to learn how to prepare Japanese food in Nagoya? Please feel free to contact me to make a reservation. I am looking forward to meeting you soon. "

BELL's cooking classes