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FAQ About Okonomiyaki Cooking Classes in Kyoto

  • Which okonomiyaki cooking classes are offered in English in Kyoto?

    All okonomiyaki cooking classes in Kyoto on airKitchen are offered in English.

  • Which okonomiyaki cooking class is popular in Kyoto?

    Homemade Sushi and Okonomiyaki is popular with other travelers visiting Kyoto.

  • What is the best cheap okonomiyaki cooking class in Kyoto?

    Popular cheap okonomiyaki cooking classes in Kyoto include Enjoy making Okonomiyaki, miso soup and tea!.

  • How much does it cost to join a okonomiyaki cooking class in Kyoto?

    On average okonomiyaki cooking classes in Kyoto cost ¥6700 per person (based on airKitchen prices).

What Does a Okonomiyaki Cooking Class Look Like?

Please note that this is an example, and classes vary by host.

Okonomiyaki Cooking Class

  • Prepare okonomiyaki batter

    You first need to mix your okonomiyaki batter, which contains flour and other flavorings like dashi. Then, you'll mix in egg, cabbage, green onion, and other ingredients of your choice into the batter. Note that the recipe will look slightly different if you're making Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki, which layers the ingredients instead of mixing them into the batter!

  • Pour mixture onto the hot griddle

    In order to create your savory pancake, you'll pour the batter mixture onto a heated griddle. If you were at a restaurant, they would use a teppan.

  • Flip okonomiyaki onto the other side

    Similar to a pancake, you'll need to flip your okonomiyaki so both sides are grilled.

  • Add okonomiyaki toppings

    Once your okonomiyaki is cooked, you just have to add the finishing garnishes. Okonomiyaki sauce, Japanese mayonnaise, and nori (seaweed) are typical toppings.

  • Finish!

    Time to enjoy your okonomiyaki while it's fresh off the griddle and warm!

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You Can Join Okonomiyaki Cooking Classes Not Just in Kyoto

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Types Of Okonomiyaki

  • Hiroshima style okonomiyaki

    Hiroshima style okonomiyaki

    Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki layers the various ingredients instead of mixing them all together before grilling. In addition, okonomiyaki in Hiroshima will always include fried egg and either yakisoba or udon noodles.

  • Kansai style okonomiyaki

    Kansai style okonomiyaki

    Kansai-style, or Osaka-style, okonomiyaki has all its ingredients mixed together. The mixed batter is grilled on a hot plate, often by the customers themselves at a restaurant.

  • Modern-yaki


    Modern-yaki, or modan-yaki, always contains fried noodles – most commonly yakisoba or udon. Its name is thought to be derived either from the English word "modern" or the Japanese contraction "mori dakusan," which means a large serving.

  • Negi-yaki


    As its name suggests, negi-yaki makes use of a large quantity of green onions – negi refers to the Japanese long green onion. This version of okonomiyaki is usually thinner than other versions.

Why Taking a Okonomiyaki Cooking Class in Kyoto is a Must-Do

Kyoto is a prefecture and the land of various wards that extend throughout Japan; it has a diversified culture and splendid customs when it comes to the food.

Okonomiyaki is a traditional dish, and that is why it carries a great deal of sentimental value to it. First of all, the batter with the help of the wheat is made, later on, eggs and the cabbage is added and mixed properly. Finally, the chopped meat, cheese and some vegetables are also added, the whole mixture is then spread into a pancake-like a sheet and is prepared like a pancake with soy sauce used as an agent that increases overall flavour.

Do partake in the Okonomiyaki cooking class and learn about various variations there are to cook this astounding dish.