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Adachi is located on the northern side of Tokyo. Due to the presence of Sumida and Arakawa lakes, it is divided into two parts. The hotels and the overall living cost are quite cheap in Adachi. Therefore, most of the tourists prefer to stay at Adachi. The street food of Adachi is also very famous due to its unique taste. Popular Japanese dishes, including sushi, Tempura and Ramen, are readily available in the Town. Adachi maki rolls are the favorite meal of the Town. These rolls are made from fresh vegetables and special spices. Apart from this dish, Yakitori, Tofu and Seabass are few more common dishes of the city. To know more about these dishes, you can join a cooking class in Adachi. You will learn the art of cooking popular Japanese meals like Maki rolls, Tempura and Ramen. Japanese dishes aren’t that difficult to prepare. It is their unique recipe that you have to learn.