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Wagashi, traditional Japanese desserts, are a simple and sweet way to enjoy Japanese cuisine. In Tokyo, there are many wagashi classes to choose from – learn how to make daifuku mochi, dango, taiyaki, and more during your stay!

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Why Taking a Wagashi Making Class in Tokyo is a Must-Do

History of Japan is evident that the old people of Tokyo also love sweets and same is the case in current tradition.

The Japanese are in habit of entertaining their guests with delicious sweet dishes after a meal and try to learn new and best ideas about different sweet dishes.

airkitchen arranges different sweet classes in Tokyo in which new recipes of sweets are given to people so that they can try something different to entertain their guests and family.

With the growing trend and culture of different sweet dishes, it will be really good to learn something new or to improve the known recipes of sweets through the productive sweets classes in Tokyo.