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Tokyo's close proximity to the sea meant fresh seafood could be harvested and used in early sushi rolls. This is how "Edomae sushi" was born, "Edo" referencing the prior name of Japan's capital. In Tokyo today, learn how to make traditional sushi rolls in a variety of styles.

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FAQ About Sushi Making Classes in Tokyo

Why Taking a Sushi Making Class in Tokyo is a Must-Do

Sushi Is a Staple of Japanese Cuisine

When it comes to Japanese food, sushi is one of the dishes that immediately comes to mind. The different ways in which sushi is prepared and eaten, as well as the various ingredients used, reflect fundamental parts of Japanese culture. Through a cooking class with a local, you’ll learn the proper skills and ratios to make delicious sushi on your own!

A Sushi Making Class Offers an Intimate Glimpse Into Japanese Culture

Learning how to make sushi from a local in their home offers an intimate peek into Japanese culture that’s hard to replicate elsewhere – surely not by merely eating at a Tokyo sushi restaurant. After you’ve finished making your sushi, you’ll have the opportunity to sit down and share a meal with your Japanese host.

Take Your Sushi Skills Home With You

What better souvenir to remember your time in Tokyo by than newfound knowledge of how to make your own authentic sushi? You’ll be able to recreate a taste of your Tokyo memories at home – and impress your friends and family with your new sushi skills!